Kassiopi is a most beautiful location for a holiday, superb weather, fabulous countryside, beautiful beaches and azure blue waters with romantic bays and inlets to explore and enjoy.

The Municipality of Kassiopi is one of the most famous tourist resorts in Corfu it is the jewel in the crown of the Island, steeped in history and mythological events. It stands at the foothills of the great Pantocrator mountain with it’s abundance of olive groves interspersed with majestic Cypress trees.

Once a quite fishing village and trading post, with it’s own currency in by-gone days; Kassiopi has been transformed into a popular holiday destination, offering a variety of accommodation, around the area, from modest to luxury apartments and villas with pools, offered by travel companies catering for the most discerning of guest. The villas on the outskirts lie in their own grounds enhanced with private pools and nestle amidst olive groves, undisturbed by noisy bars and discos.

The village which surrounds a pretty harbour where you can still find local fishermen bringing home the morning catch is dotted with a variety of restaurants from traditional Greek to Italian Mexican and Chinese. Numerous bars of differing atmospheres align the small streets along with a couple of intimate night clubs. It is suitable for a range of age groups. The policy of the local council is to promote the area with a family orientation. However Kassiopi offers something for everyone, whether it is sun bathing in the continuing glorious sunshine or using as a base to enjoy the activities or excursions to be found further a-field.


Kassiopi is located on the North East coast of the island, 36 kilometres from Corfu Town.

It is the centre of the Municipality with a spectacular view of the Albanian mountains across the crystal clear Ionian Sea separating the two Countries. This Corfu Straight has had strategic maritime importance for thousands of years. What can I do there and what can I see? There are many historical points of interest, both on the island of Corfu and on neighbouring islands.

The most famous landmark in Kassiopi is the ruins of the Castle. The castle was built by the Romans and possibly covers an earlier building. Presently due to a European Community grant it is being restored to something of its’ former glory. Future plans are to convert part of the castle into a museum hosting many historical artefacts from Kassiopi presently kept in Corfu Town.

Generally, unless you wish to stay by the pool or in the bar for your holiday Kassiopi is a great base to travel the Island or enjoy your activities, whatever they may be and then relax in the evenings at one or two of the establishments.

Along with the usual watersports of Scuba Diving, Water-skiing, Sailing, Windsurfing, there is the opportunity to spend a day-out by hiring a motor boat and exploring some of the unspoiled beaches surrounding Kassiopi, the majority of which cannot be reached by road.

Kassiopi has many travel agencies which organise daily tours around the island. Visit one of them and choose the trip that suits you most. They are always helpfully on hand for advice, information and money exchange.

What are the beaches like? The beaches around Kassiopi are pebbly or shingle with occasional patches of sand with this in mind sun beds and umbrellas are available for hire. The pebbly beaches however are tempered by the luxury of the sea where you can enjoy your swim in the crystal clear, warm blue waters of the Ionian. Quiet coves and unspoilt areas of beach exist along the coastline.

One of the beaches 2 kilometres from Kassiopi centre is Avlaki the home of Corfu Sailing Centre. Avlaki has been selected because of its exclusive position in the Island, a beautiful secluded bay, and absence of mass tourism within the locality and perfect sailing conditions, within the protective headlands.


In Spring-time the weather in Corfu is like a traditional English Summer, (without the persistent rain) although it does rain here at this time of the year, it does not last long and is warm and refreshing. When the rain dries there is a wonderful perfume pervading the air of spring scented flowers and pine trees. Summers are hot and dry, temperatures usually bearable (being in the North of the Island)

It should be remembered there is much sun ray reflection from sails and water, thereby increasing the effects of the sun. Plenty of appropriate sun tan creams and lotions are recommended. Sun- burn can damage your skin but will certainly spoil your holiday so it’s best to take care. Tans look great but don’t last long. Good memories last a lifetime.


Eating out in Greece is a casual affair. Tavernas offer a varied menu. In this part of Corfu, fish is a speciality, locally caught in the very water you swim in. What could be better than to sit late into a warm balmy evening in a Taverna, under a canopy of grape vines, enjoying an evening meal and sipping Ouzo, Retsina, or a bottle of Greek wine produced from the vineyards around you. Fresh fruit and vegetables of every description are abundantly available all year round. Salads are crisp and refreshing. Food is very reasonably priced and extremely well prepared with interesting and varied menus to suit every palate. In the hills the food is even cheaper but just as delicious. Eating out in a Taverna or bar is part of the Greek tradition.

Self catering facilities

Much of the accommodation in Kassiopi is self-catering, although cooks can be arranged as can deliveries from Supermarkets. You can choose the most suitable for you, among a variety of studios, apartments or even villas. All the accommodation available is situated either in the centre or periphery of the village of Kassiopi. Self catering in Greece has all the advantages and none of the disadvantages.


Public transport “Green buses” run regularly from Kassiopi heading towards Corfu Town or Sidari, passing though numerous resorts. Tickets are available on the bus and are one-way. The main bus stop is slightly out from the centre of the village, to the left of main-square looking seaward. Taxis are available you can either catch one, or call for one, at any time of the day or night. Taxis rank in the main square.


Kassiopi offers a vast arrange suiting all your needs including, bakeries and supermarkets, tourist shops selling leather goods, gifts and souvenirs, clothes shops, some good lace and linen shops, ceramics, jewellery. The supermarkets sell English newspapers which are now delivered on the day of print! Internet points exist at various locations. Shops and supermarkets stay open late into the night.

Other facilities

The travel agencies in Kassiopi offer money exchange at competitive rates. Four ATM machine (cash points) are situated in different parts of the village, three near the main square and one at the harbour.

Several phone boxes including Skype call points accepting phone cards are placed around the village. The cards can be purchased from the supermarkets or kiosks. There is a post-office, situated inside Sconto supermarket in the main square. The post-boxes around the village are painted yellow, looking like a post box!

Children’s Facilities

There is a good playground for children in the centre of town almost opposite the school; it is on your right as you walk towards the harbour. Many of the public pools here have children’s pools also.

Health issues

There are medical offices in Kassiopi and a pharmacy. However be aware that they are private doctors therefore they will charge for their services, the cost of which you should be able to claim from your holiday insurance.