Boats and boards are for hire on an hourly basis, or multiples of an hour, to those who already have the necessary skills, however for safety reasons, whilst we are not looking for champions, those wishing to sail the more advanced equipment must prove their ability or accept tuition.

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Introductory Courses - Sailing or Windsurfing 3 - 4 Hours

Demonstration is in small, personalised groups, with techniques simulated on land in simple terms, practiced ashore, then afloat under supervision.

Designed to promote a level of practical instruction to enable you to perform quite competently, allowing your new skills to be practiced personally within the time frame of the course. Started in the mornings when the wind is light, the course builds your confidence and ability as the wind strengthens throughout the day.

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Three Day All Inclusive Package

This package offers an introductory course plus supplementary individual advice as necessary for three consecutive days.

This programme, weather permitting, includes time on a sail away from the bay to a beach BBQ or a visit to a Taverna in a nearby resort for lunch.

Along with instruction in basic racing techniques, rules of the “road” informal racing and a novelty prize giving at the end, over dinner, the programme is a recipe for a thoroughly enjoyable portion of your holiday.

Places on these courses are limited and rely on a minimum number of persons; they are only available if booked in advance so early reservation is recommended.

Additional instruction and practice can be purchased locally tailored to your individual desire to progress. Experienced sailors wishing to join the three-day programme will have the freedom of the bay while the others catch up but their assistance and expertise would be most welcome.

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End of Week Regatta and Social Event

Each week, subject to interested numbers, we hold a regatta on a handicap basis. This is a really exciting event and sums up what it’s all about. Here is where you put your newly acquired skills into real play. A video is taken of the action and played back in the evening in the Ionian bar, where it will be seen to be as entertaining as it is educational. During this evening we hope you will join together with us for a light buffet, drinks and a general chat.